Sustainability as an innovation magnet

Methods & Tools

We help organizations to assess, create, deliver and capture (shared) value using our proven methodology. To help organisations and individuals to future-proof themselves, we apply whole-systems and life-cycle thinking, amongst others. We find ourselves supported by a variety of effective tools, techniques, methods, and partners for the organisations we encounter. The configuration of these, changes depending on your context, maturity and ambitions.

Together with you, we assess the potential value of sustainability and innovation. We help you determine the right framework to use and continue the journey by helping you see more clearly, first by providing different lenses to look at your context, your organization, your stakeholders and the chains and systems you are part of.

Based on how you now perceive your future (and that of your organization), your intended role and ambitions in it and your ‘current reality’ we help you to plan, decide and innovate strategically towards sustainability and thrivability. To support your strategic actions we support in selecting a ‘tool box’ that is most effective in accelerating towards your vision. These are not limited to sustainability tools and concepts, but include the best available (and cutting edge) tools for the purpose. (Below a selection of sustainability tools that are strengthened by using it only for what it is effective for and what it was designed to do. E.g. A craftsman knows it’s tools and how to use it to be successful in a particular setting.)

Together, we will identify the steps, deliverables and commitments per ‘phase’ in this iterative process. At the end of each phase we will ask whether you are satisfied and want to commit to the next phase. This ensures clarity and optimizes satisfaction for you, and for us.

We help you understand the global sustainability context from a scientific and business perspective; analyze the current operations, products, services and business models; design resilient strategies, practices and innovations in light of that context; and help you to communicate effectively with stakeholders. For each of these we use (combinations of) a variety of state-of-the-art methods and techniques including:

  • Our in-house developed Context-driven Innovation model
  • Whole-systems thinking
  • The ‘TNS Theory of change‘ with different levels (Individual, Organization(s) and System)
  • (Strategic) Life Cycle thinking and SLCA
  • The scientifically robust and business proven the Natural Step Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD) – also known as The Natural Step Framework.
  • A variety of proven methods and tools to analyze your current reality in line with the FSSD.
    • Various tools and methods are used for design of:
        • vision and strategies;
        • products, services;
        • processes and practices and;
        • supporting business models;
        • sustainability governance;
        • reporting*, communication and stakeholder engagement.
  • Interactive participatory processes and creative thinking (e.g. Open Space Technology, Open circle, World-cafe, Pro-Action café, Appreciative Inquiry, Storytelling.)
  • Graphical Harvesting, graphical design, computer models and animation
  • Our in house-developed, reporting critics proof and academically soundFSSD-GRI Integrated process.
We make use of our extensive network of professionals, academics and investors globally to assist us in providing you with the best possible solutions for the best possible value. Furthermore, we can bring you in contact with other individuals and businesses to explore opportunities for collaborating using this shared vision and ‘language’.

*) For performance and progress measurement and reporting we use standards to measure and report against, readily available from third parties, only now these are strengthened by our future-proof approach. These include, but are not limited to:


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