Sustainability as an innovation magnet


As experts in strategic sustainability with a variety of competences, methods and tools, we provide a variety of solutions and services to future-proof you, your organization and the value chain/systems you are part of.

Different organizations have different contexts and needs. Together we will identify how to best address and satisfy these. Below some of the standard solutions and services we provide based on our core competences.

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Consulting, facilitation and coaching

As described in our methods we can help you future-proof your organization and guide you on your sustainability or innovation ‘journey’ by supporting you to assess, create, deliver and capture value. We can do this in a variety of roles depending on your context, organization maturity and ambition.

  • Advisory services (Management or Board level)
  • Consulting on (strategic) sustainability and CSR
  • Facilitation of multi-disciplenairy work/steering groups
  • Expert participation in stakeholder engagement sessions
  • Coaching of leaders
  • Training to build capacity and leadership within your organisation, or value chain
  • (CSR) Project/Interim management
  • CSR/Sustainability Implementation Management

(Quick) Scans, (Gap) Analysis and assessments

Various scans and analysis to identify key development or focus areas either as separate services, combined for optimal value, or as part of a phased ‘journey’:

  • Sustainability Value Assessment – to identify and locate the value of sustainability for you and your organization.
  • Outlook and Trends Analysis  – around sustainability driven innovation
  • Market and industry assessment – to identify external risks and opportunities
  • Profiling – by means of interviews with key resources
  • Organizational Readiness & Maturity Assessments
  • B-Corp Assessment – and follow up
  • Materiality (Process) Assessment – to ensure effectiveness of your efforts
  • Selection of sustainability ‘Toolbox’ – Optimal set of tools, standards and labels
  • (Sustainability/CSR) Strategy Assessment – to identify opportunities, threats and new pathways
  • Product Strategic Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) – Assessing product impact and footprint for Innovation and future-proofing.
  • (GRI) Sustainability Report Assessment (and external assurance)
  • Website/Product label sustainability content assessment
  • Gap Analysis for owners of sustainability standards, labels and tools
  • Tools development

(Interactive) workshops and development courses

  • Presentations on various topics tuned to the audience e.g. ‘The challenge‘, ‘Introduction to sustainability‘, ‘Collaborating towards thrivability‘, ‘Sustainability as an innovation magnet’, ‘Systems transformations‘. Presentations can be arranged either given by our in-house experts or given by the sustainability or leadership thought-leaders in our network.
  • Education and training to build capacity and leadership within your organization, value chain or system. Including:
  • Workshops to apply our methods and tools to your situation, either as separate workshops or as a sustainability journey to future-proof your organization and value chain. Examples are:
    • Sustainable Value Analysis
    • Awareness, Visioning and Roadmap
    • Baseline Assessment
    • Creative solution brainstorming
    • Business Model Innovation
    • Materiality
  • Facilitate, or participate in, creative or brainstorm sessions with your stakeholders
  • Sustainable Transition Labs to transform entire systems


Network Relations

We are used to working in international teams of multidisciplinary professionals. We have a large global network of senior professionals, top academics, investors and businesses. We can help you by introducing you to individuals or organizations to ensure you get the most optimal solutions and service for optimal value. 


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